Allows for interstellar travel and gravity channeling.

Research Completed

Artificial Gravity is a technology that is the direct result of having immense amounts of energy at hand. The applications of artificial gravity are both obvious and subtle.

The obvious application is that ships can now travel for extended periods through space with native gravity levels without compromising the ship design with fragile and unreliable physical motion devices (i.e. ships do not have to spin their hulls to maintain gravity.

The historical fleets of the Drengin Empire and the Arcean Empire in the pre-artificial gravity era are very obvious. Their hulls spin on a super conducting pivot powered by regulated micro bursts of thrust to keep the spinning consistent. Needless to say, these ships would not be reliable in battle.

The Drengin fleet that conquered the Torian home world in the pre-hyperdrive era were all without artificial gravity and relied on a stargate that still resulted in a travel time of nearly a year. Two of the troop carriers in that journey had a malfunction in their rotational axis control during the journey resulting in having over 25,000 Drengin shock troops having to live out their remaining lives in space.

Fortunately, the lives of those Drengin shock troops was short since they were soon converted into fuel. Another key use is that it can be used to channel gravity on planets which allows for more serious planetary improvements.

New Abilities

  • Population Growth: +5

Future Techs

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