Assault Heroes is a top down shooter developed by Wanako and was released in 2007 for PC and Xbox 360. The game was received fairly well and Assault Heroes 2 was made only for Xbox 360.


The player rides an armed vehicles on ground and sometimes on water. They are armed with a chain gun, flamethrower, flak cannon, nukes and grenades. The guns have unlimited ammo and can be changed anytime. The nuke clears the screen of enemies and should be used with care as it and grenades are limited. The player can exit the vehicles at will. On foot the character is equipped with a peashooter compared to vehicles. If the vehicle is destroyed the vehicle will respawn after a while leaving player vulnerable to enemy. The environment are somewhat destroyable for example trees can be burned. The co-op mode can be played online and offline.


As a last member of elite special forces unit you search for a secret underground lab.


The Xbox 360 version got 78% average on gamewinners

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