Athens 2004 is the official video game of the 2004 Summer Olympics, featuring various track and field events, as well as others.


The reception of the game was quite mixed. IGN[1] criticised the game for its ever-repeating button mashing and overall easiness of the game, awarding the game a "poor" 4.5 rating, as opposed to GameSpy,[2] who praised the game for its varying gameplay, awarding it 4/5 stars.

List of events

Following is a list of events in the game. By default, all events are available for both sexes unless otherwise noted:

  • Track
    • Sprints: 100 metres, 200 metres and 400 metres
    • Middle distance: 800 metres and 1500 metres
    • Hurdles: 100 metres hurdles for women and 110 metres hurdles for men
  • Field
    • Jumping: Long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault
    • Throwing: Discus throw, javelin throw and shot put
  • Swimming
    • 100 metres breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly
  • Gymnastics
    • Artistic: Floor exercise (separate gameplay for male and female), still rings (men only) and vault
  • Equestrian
    • Show jumping (male only)
  • Weight lifting
    • +105 kg. clean and jerk (male only)
  • Archery
    • 70 m individual (female only)
  • Shooting
    • Skeet shooting (male only)


A record 64 countries were able to be played on the game.


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Preceded by
Sydney 2000
Official video game of the Summer Olympics
Succeeded by
Beijing 2008
Preceded by
Salt Lake City 2002
Official video game of the Olympics
Succeeded by
Torino 2006

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