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The Atlanta Reck is a professional gaming team in the Extreme Gaming Series. They are from Atlanta,Georgia.

Team Players

# Player
2 Blake Crew
7 Christian Trio
12 Henry Jenkins
16 Brian Neuk
19 Frake Kennedy
21 Roddick Gengeyer
24 Travic Visco
29 Steve Visco


General Owner

Owner Championships Record
Jarry Gengeyer (5)2000-2002,2004-2005 673-147

Record History

Year Record Result
2000 95-5 Championship
2001 90-10 Championship
2002 81-19 Championship
2003 70-30 Third Place (Division)
2004 87-13 Championship
2005 83-17 Championship
2006 80-20 Runner-Up
2007 63-37 Third Place
2008 27-2 First (Division)
Record 676-153

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