Atod AB was a video game developer located in Helsingborg, Sweden. It was established in 1987 and formally incorporated as company in 1992 by the game development duo Christofer Nilsson and Thomas Liljetoft and active until 2003 when it was merged with British game developer Warthog Games and renamed to Warthog Sweden. In May 2006, the company was acquired by British publisher and developer Eidos Interactive. Today the company is part of the SCi Entertainment Group who acquired Eidos Interactive in 2006.


  • Hot Wheels Extreme Racing (Sony PlayStation, 2001, published by THQ)
  • Rally Championship (Sony PlayStation, 2000, published by Electronic Arts)
  • Jeremy McGrath Supercross '98 (Sony PlayStation, 1998, published by Acclaim)
  • HeXen (Sega Saturn, 1996, published by GT Interactive / id Software)
  • Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble (Sega Mega Drive / Sega Gamegear, 1995, published by Sega)
  • The Pagemaster (Sega Mega Drive, 1994, published by 20th Century Fox)
  • The Lawnmower Man 3D Subgame (Sega Mega Drive, 1993, published by SCI / Time Warner)
  • Edge (Commodore Amiga, 1993, published by Inovatronics)
  • Troddlers (Commodore Amiga / Super NES, 1992 /1993, published by SCI)
  • Sankt Thomas (Commodore Amiga, 1992, published by Sphinx Software)
  • Paramax (Commodore Amiga, 1991, published by Kingsoft)
  • Intact (Commodore Amiga, 1990, published by Sphinx Software)
  • Wizmo (Commodore Amiga / Atari ST, 1989, published by Kingsoft)
  • Hamte Dampte (ZX Spectrum, 1987, published by Firebird)
  • Hamte Dampte (Smackdown vs Raw 2010,published by THQ)


For a short period of time, the company was known as Gizmondo Studios Helsingborg.

ATOD is meant to be short for "Analogue To Digital", though this was never used officially.[citation needed]

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