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Azrahas is a hothouse planet rich in nitrogen, methane, and ethane. Similar to Namakli, it is metal-poor. Additionally, it is suspected that few asteroid impacts have struck it over the millennia, precluding accessible deposits of common precious metals in the crust. Decrepit asari orbital stations from scientific expeditions long ago circle the planet. None display signs of occupation.

Facts about "Azrahas"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure57.25 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length36.1 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameAzrahas +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameAzrahas +
NamePageAzrahas +
NamesAzrahas +
Orbital Distance1.45 AU +
Orbital Period1.95 Earth Years +
PageNameAzrahas +
PageTypeElement +
Radius4,715 km +
Surface Gravity0.57 G +
Surface Temperature547.15 K (274 °C, 525.2 °F, 984.87 °R) +

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