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The BFG (short for Big F***ing Gun) is the name of the most destructive weapon in many of id Software's games. The gun generally shoots a bright green orb of plasma energy which decimates foes in the nearby vicinity. In the movie adaptation of Doom, the BFG is referenced with a large gun called the "Bio-Force Gun."

The weapon has seen several different incarnations:

  • The first known model is the BFG 9000, which appears in the Doom series.
  • The BFG made a reappearance in Quake II as the BFG 10k. The green plasma projectile in this model also projects a destructive green laser to harm anything in its vicinity.
  • The BFG 10k also appears in Quake III: Arena, although as a very different weapon. Instead of the traditional giant green plasma ball, this version of the BFG rapidly shoots smaller plasma bullets.


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