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Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube

  1. Unlock All Levels - To unlock all levels, enter XXX RATED CHEAT as a password.
  2. See All the Movies - To unlock all of the movies, enter CHAMPAGNE ROOM as a password. Now all of the nudity the game promises can be yours without working. Ain't cheating grand?
  3. Unlock Amish Boy - To unlock Amish Boy, enter the password ELECTRICITYBAD at the Cheats menu.
  4. Master Cheat List - There's a Cheat Menu. Use it and type in...
  • Level select: XXX RATED CHEAT
  • Stage select: MASS HYSTERIA
  • Play as Amish Boy: ELECTRICITYBAD
  • All bikes: 65 SWEET RIDES
  • Amish Boy's bikes: AMISHBOY1699
  • Hellkitty's bikes: HELLKITTY487
  • Itchi's bikes: ITCHI594
  • Joyride's bikes: JOYRIDE18
  • Karma's bikes: KARMA311
  • Latey's bikes: LATEY411
  • Manuel's bikes: MANUEL415
  • Mika's bikes: MIKA362436
  • Nutter's bikes: NUTTER290
  • Rave's bikes: RAVE10
  • Skeeter's bikes: SKEETER666
  • Tripledub's bikes: TRIPLEDUB922
  • Twan's bikes: TWAN18
  • Launch Pad 69 level: SHOWMETHEMONKEY
  • Rampage Skatepark level: IOWARULES
  • The Dam level: THATDAMLEVEL
  • Las Vegas level: SHOWMETHEMONEY
  • Roots level: UNDERGROUND
  • Sheep Hills level: BAABAA
  • Syracuse level: BOYBANDSSUCK
  • Night vision mode: 3RD SOG
  • Happy bunny mode: FLUFFYBUNNY
  • Ghost control mode: GHOSTCONTROL
  • Super crash mode: HEAVYPETTING
  • Green skin mode: MAKEMEANGRY
  • Visible gap mode: PARABOLIC
  • All FMV sequences: CHAMPAGNE ROOM
  • Bonus Movie 1 FMV sequence: THISISBMXX
  • Bonus Movie 2 FMV sequence: KEEPITDIRTY
  • Dam 1 FMV sequence: BOING
  • Final Movie FMV sequence: DDUULRRLDRSQUARE
  • Las Vegas 1 FMV sequence: HIGHBEAMS
  • Las Vegas 2 FMV sequence: TASSLE
  • Launch Pad 69 1 FMV sequence: IFLINGPOO
  • Launch Pad 69 2 FMV sequence: PEACH
  • Rampage Skatepark 2 FMV sequence: BURLESQUE
  • Sheep FMV sequence: ONEDOLLAR
  • Sheep Hills 2 FMV sequence: 69
  • Syracuse 1 FMV sequence: FUZZYKITTY
  • Syracuse 2 FMV sequence: MICHAELHUNT
  • The Bronx, NYC 1 FMV sequence: LAPDANCE
  • The Bronx, NYC 2 FMV sequence: STRIPTEASE
  • UGP Roots Jam 2 FMV sequence: BOOTYCALL
  • Park editor: BULLETPOINT

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