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Backyard Baseball 2007 is the sixth Backyard Baseball game for PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, PC, and Nintendo GameCube. The game highlights sixteen Major League Baseball players and all 30 MLB teams are represented, as well as ten fantasy teams.


In the game there are a few exceptions to normal baseball rules. If a runner is caught stealing to end an inning, the player at bat is not charged with an at bat, but does not start off the next inning. When a hit would be called a single, reached to second on the throw, or an ouble, reached to third on the throw, these hits are tallied as double and triple, respectively. Also, if the player hits a double, then gets caught in a rundown and tagged out, it does not count as a hit.

The game also does not keep track of a team's record and statistics over the course of multiple seasons or post-seasons. The same goes for individual player stats. However it does keep track of stats over a single season.

Featured Video

Backyard Baseball 2007 (VG) (2007) - Game Boy Advance, PC, PS2, Nintendo Gamecube00:25

Backyard Baseball 2007 (VG) (2007) - Game Boy Advance, PC, PS2, Nintendo Gamecube

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