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Backyard Football is a sports game that was released on October 21, 2008. This is the eighth iteration of the Backyard Football game from the Backyard Sports series. The cover athlete is Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

The game includes all 22 backyard kids and 15 professional players as kids. Along with being released on PC, Wii, PS2, and DS, it is the first of the backyard sports games that will be featured on Xbox 360. Professional players include Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Urlacher, Reggie Bush, and Frank Gore and more. Along with the NFL players, most of the classic backyard kids are in the game including Pete Wheeler, Pablo Sanchez, and Ernie Steele.

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Backyard Football '09 (VG) (2008) - Nintendo DS, Wii, PS2, PC01:02

Backyard Football '09 (VG) (2008) - Nintendo DS, Wii, PS2, PC

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