Divison Director

Senior Producer

Associate Producer

Sound/Localization Producer

Division Operations Manager

Division Operations Assistant

Promotional Artwork

Executive Producer

Line Producer


Lead Designers

Director of Writing and Design

Core Design Team

Scripting and Data Entry

Additional Design

Original Baldur's Gate Game Design

Lead Programmer


Network Programmer

Lead Tools Programmer

Tools Programmer

Additional Programming

Infinity Engine Programmers

Director of Programming

Art Director

BioWare Director of Concept Art

Concept Art

Core Art Team

GUI Creation

Additional GUI's

BioWare Director of Production Art

Portraits and Promotional/Marketing Art

Additional Promotional Art/Portraits

Additional Artists

Special Effects and Background Animations

Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content

Lead Animator


BioWare Director of Art

Animation Director


Cinematic Modeling

Additional Cinematic Modeling

Cinematic Texturing

Additional Cinematic Texturing

Cimematic Scripts Team

Cinematic Concept Art Team

Cinematic Storyboard Team

Cinematic Video Art

Cinematic Animation

Cinematic Effect Animation

Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting

Additional Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting

Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting

Cinematic Animation Director

Cinematic Audio

Supervising Sound Designer

Mastering Supervisor

Sound Designers

Sound Editing

SFX Recordist


Music Editing


Mastering Assistant

VO Casting/Direction Supervision

VO Editing

VO Talent

Walla Cast

VO Engineer

VO Assistant

Walla Casting

Additional VO Casting

Sound Designer

Foley Mixer

Foley Artist


Video Services

Spanish Localiztion Editor

German Localiztion Editor

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