Barbarossa is a campaign for the PC real-time strategy game Age of Empires II.


Frederick Barbarossa, after being elected the Holy Roman Emperor, attempts to force the squabbling German fiefdoms into his Holy Roman Empire, which he then must defend from the invasions and manipulations of the Italian city states and the pope in Rome.


Barbarossa 1

Barbarossa has set out to unite the northern portion of the once great Holy Roman Empire, to do this he must subjugate the princes of the neighboring city states by stealing their relics.


  • Swabia (Orange) [Teutons]
  • Saxany (Yellow) [Teutons]
  • Bavaria (Green) [Teutons]
  • Burgundy (Pink) [Franks]
  • Bohemia (Teal) [Teutons]
  • Bulgaria (Blue) [Goths]
  • Mongols (Gray) [Mongols]

Barbarossa 2: Henry the Lion

In order to expand the burgeoning new Holy Roman Empire's borders, Barbarossa must conquer Poland. But to do so he needs to have the help of the dubious Henry the Lion.


  • Bavaria (Green) [Teutons]
  • Saxony (Yellow) [Teutons]


  • Henry the Lion (Orange) [Teutons]
  • Poland (Blue) [Goths]

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5

Battle 6

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