Demon - Barubary
36 - Barubary


Barubary is a powerful and chilling demon who confronts Ryu when he is a child at the start of Breath of Fire II. Then he later stands as the last boss before the game's final main boss. He has very powerful attacks and seems very intelligent.


  • HP: 5000
  • AP: 65535
  • Atk: 380
  • Def: 140
  • Agi: 90
  • Exp given: 4000
  • Zenny dropped: 5000
  • Items Dropped: SacredSH,ArmyGL


  • Attack all (cannot be CtrAttacked)
  • CtrAttack
  • ColdBrth
  • FireBrth
  • Bolt X
  • Increases Atk Power when his HP is below 1000 (note: Only the attack power of regular attacks are increased, counterattack strength is unaffected)

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