Cyber Stadium Series: Base Wars (commonly shortened to Base Wars or BaseWars) is a futuristically-themed sports game, released for the Nintendo Entertainment System on June 1, 1991. Set in a 24th-century wherein baseball team owners have grown tired of paying outrageous player salaries, they decide to replace their rosters with robots.


While maintaining basic baseball elements of pitching, batting, fielding, and base running, Base Wars adds a fighting element to the game featuring four robot classes; a traditional cyborg, a tank, a flybot, and lastly a mcycle. A player's robots can be upgraded with new and advanced weaponry and repaired with money earned for game wins during tournaments.


Base Wars features 14 clubs (2 can be edited via team name, player name and by four selectable robots.)

Established Clubs (non-changeable)Edit

  • Boston
  • California
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • St. Louis
  • Texas
  • Toronto

Note: Detroit is an overpowering clubs that when simulated via CPU vs. CPU matchups, tends to dominate over scheduled opponents at any inning played!

Edit Teams: Base Wars features 2 edit teams.

  • Edit Team A (This ball club robots use the 'Muramasa' weapon during gameplay.)
  • Edit Team B (This ball club robots use the 'L. Sword' (or Laser Sword) weapon.

Between these two teams, you can select four types of robots per player edited:

    • Cyborg
    • Flybot
    • Mcycle (or motorcycle)
    • Tank

Note: The two edit teams are considered to be overpowering clubs. You can choose one of them as a gateway to dominate against established clubs in the game. Almost every batter can hit about a home run per at bat, while during base fielding/stealing battles they can humiliate opponents at the stroke of their weapons. When the two edit clubs are matched up against each other (or by intrasquad matchup), game scores may result in football/basketball familiar circles.


While fighting is a rare occurrence in traditional baseball, fights are an integral part of the game in Base Wars. Fights occur when a base runner is tagged out; and tag-outs are made much more common because there are no force-outs in Base Wars. The fights between the runner and the robot tagging him are fought from the side-view. The result of the fight determines whether the runner is safe or out. A robot that has lost too many fights in one game, or the batter with a low HP gets hit by a pitch, will die by exploding and leave its team with one less robot. Three robot deaths on a team result in a forfeit, thus a player can win a Base Wars game by fighting alone.