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The once-formidable batarian navy was all but annihilated when the Reapers struck Khar'shan. The enraged survivors have gathered into a single remaining fleet. Batarian refugees are enlisting by the thousands, desperated for a sense of purpose after the destruction of their homeworld. No collection of vessels is more eager to engage the Reapers than Khar'shan's last warships.

Unlocked if the player does not kill Balak.


As the highest-ranking officer left in the Hegemony, Balak is now the last batarian military leader. His leadership, drive, and barely contained fury have galvanized his troops. While Balak bears a deep hatred for the Alliance, he would do anything to save his people, and has grudgingly joined forces with humanity to stop the Reapers.

Unlocked if the player finds the Pillars of Strength.


Batarian refugees are rallying around the Pillars of Strength, finding courage in this sacred, ancient artifact's recovery.

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