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The sequel to the N64 game, BattleTanx. In its story mode, your character from the last game has a rare child who has telepathic powers. So, tank bashin' chaos ensues. The game was ported to the PlayStation a mere few months later, although it lacked 4 person Multiplayer. The game has more levels, tighter controls and secondary weapons than the first game.

BattleTanx- Global Assault PSX

alternate box art

The tanks for the game are: 1=worst;2=almost worst;3=close to almost good;4=almost good;5=good;6=pretty good;7=great;8=very great;9=really great;10=excellent!! 1.M1-A1 6 speed,6 armor,5 fire power,3 speed of fires,8 size,American Tank,9 my favorite//2. Inferno 8 speed,4 armor,5 fire power,10 speed of fires,5 size,6 my favorite,// 3.M2-Hydra 7 speed,5 armor,4 fire power, 7 speed of fires,6 size,American Tank,8 my favorite

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