Names in "quotes" are pseudo-renderings of what the "Western word" is supposed to be represented by the katagana. If you know the exact spelling the name is supposed to be in, feel free to correct it. It would also be helpful if you can leave a note of where the spelling can be verified on the talk page.

"Serika Cilfill" (セリカ・シルフィル), Hybrid Magic Swordsman

Battle Goddess 0 - Serika 1 profile

copyright Eushully

Serika was raised as a Priest Warrior of the God of Storms, "Barihart" (バリハルト) (who protects adventurers and is worshiped by pioneers). With a pure heart of Justice, excellent swordsmanship, and magical abilities with great potential, people also refer to him as a hero (勇者, yuusha). However, he doesn't like to be called a hero, he simply draws his sword to protect the happiness of other people. He doesn't care about himself much, and his daily life is fairly sloppy.

  • Type: Magic Warrior
  • Weapon: Long Sword
  • Main characteristics
    • Main character of the first era
    • Strong sense of Justice
    • Learning the "Flying Swallow Sword"
    • Lightning Magic

"Satia Seirune" (サティア・セイルーン), Seeker of Knowledge

"Serika" the God-Slayer

Demon God "Haishera" (ハイシェラ)

"Haishera" the God-Slayer

Demon-Man "Shotaifay" (シュタイフェ)

Demon-Man "Balapam" (バラパム)

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