Tactical Combat

One crucial rule for anyone is to never give the enemy a clear shot at your back unless you have your countermeasures (X) ready, keep pointing your front at the enemy. This however can be hard as there are two completely different types of tanks in the game: The A8 Tiger, and the Nekomata (hovertank). While the A8 Tiger is a classical tank which should be operated as anyone other tank from the battefield games, the Nekomata is a new concept that enables you to "strafe" because it's main gun is fixed. While not having a 360degree firing resolution, the Nekomata is more agile and a faster tank in skilled hands, and it moves faster across the terrain.

When attacking your goal is simple. Kill the enemy with the least amount of rounds at the fastest possible time to avoid becoming a target yourself. When shooting at long ranged moving targets you should always keep your crosshair ahead of the enemy - this requires training, but is crucial if you want to be successful in a tank.

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