Battletoads (arcade) has the same name as the first game. To differentiate, some people call it Super Battletoads. This game has better graphics and new voices due to the advanced capabilities of the Arcade compared to SNES or NES.

It is a game for 1 to 3 players simultaneously. It is a fighting game. It is not as difficult as the original Battletoads. The difficulty here lies in fighting and shooting (in the last level). In the original Battletoads game there is an increased difficulty in the racing and evading levels. There is also much violence in this game, there are decapitations and blood, not found in the versions for home consoles.

According to many people it is the best version of the Battletoads series for its graphics, playability, action and sound. It can actually be played in a computer through emulation, but the player must have the original arcade game, as with all emulation.