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Not to be confused with the Beauty and the Beast game made after the Disney movie of the same name.

Beauty and the Beast is a game released for the Intellivision.


Horrible Hank has kidnapped your girlfriend! He's got her at the top of a tall building, and it is your goal to climb to the top and rescue her. Gameplay is somewhat similar to Donkey Kong. You begin at the bottom of the screen, and need to climb your way to the top while avoiding the many obstacles. Boulders, birds, bats, and rats will all get in the way and cause you to lose a life if collided with. To move from floor to floor, you need to find a window that is open and climb up. The windows change quickly, so when you spot one climb fast! When you finally reach the top, Horrible Hank will fall of the building and then the game begins again at a more difficult skill level.

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