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Version 1.0

January 1997 - Final Release
  • few graphic changes
  • realized palettes for when in 256 or below colors
  • Fixed some auto-pause bugs
  • fixed pieces not falling when holding down a key (they would just 'stick' in midair)

Version 0.9

Late November 1996 - Final Beta
  • fixed final piece bug (pretty sure)
  • made level algorithm easier
  • added piece preview
  • fixed misc pause bugs
  • added soundcard checking
  • replaced gfx with nice rendered stuff
  • added splash screen
  • automatic pause when task switched out

Version 0.6

Early November 1996 - Beta Release
  • added instant drop (spacebar)
  • made music repeat rather than silence when it ended
  • fixed yet more piece problems
  • added help file

Version 0.5

September 1996
  • added sound and music
  • added Pause
  • fixed some more piece behavioural problems

Version 0.1

August 1996
  • Discovered the bitblt function, graphics now smooth
  • Made pieces behave themselves better.
  • Added highscore system.

Version 0.1

July 1996
  • Ported to Delphi 2 for Windows 95 / NT.
  • Graphic updates very slow and flickery.


Late 1995
  • Original Game Engine written in Turbo Pascal 7 for DOS.
  • DOS Text mode only - very crude.
  • lots (and I mean squillions) of bugs

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