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The main game

If you dont know how to play tetris then you're a loss...

The point is to stay alive for as long as you can and get as many points as you can.


You get points by completeing a line and making it dissapear, the number of lines you get at once determins how many points you get:

  • One line is worth 100 points
  • Two lines is worth 400 points
  • Three lines is worth 900 points
  • Four lines is worth 1600 points plus a bonus


When four lines at once are completed you are given a bonus... This can be used in one of two ways...

  1. At the end of the game, each bonus is worth 2000 points which is added to your score.
  2. Or during the game if you really dont like your current piece you can press ENTER and the piece will change...
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