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Berri's beta appearance from Twelve Tails: Conker 64.

Game Series Conker's Pocket Tales
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Conker: Live & Reloaded
First Appearance Conker's Pocket Tales (1999)
Status: Conker's girlfriend
Affiliation: Conker
Position: Conker's girlfriend
Species: Squirrel
Age: Unknown
Height: Medium
Weight: Regular
Gender: Female
Likes: Conker
Dis-Likes: Evil Acorn, bosses, enemies
Hobbies: Being with Conker
Family: Unknown
Home: Panther Kingdom
Weapon(s): None
Creator(s): Rareware
Trademark: Conker

Berri is Conker's girlfriend found in all of the games in the Conker series. Berri used to be a brown squirrel with a red dress and long brunette hair and being Conker's size in Conker's Pocket Tales and the cancelled Twelve Tails: Conker 64. However, in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded, Berri changed from brown to gray, has pink and yellow clothes instead of a red dress, is twice the size of Conker, and has yellow hair with a ponytail.

Berri first appeared in Conker's Pocket Tales where she was planning to throw Conker a surprise birthday party until the Evil Acorn pops out, kidnaps Berri and steals Conker's presents.

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