Big Biz Tycoon allows the player to try their hand in the business world. Similar to other business simulation games, the intent is for the player to become a mogul of an industry. Developed for Microsoft Windows by Animedia, and published by Activision Value, it is unique in that no other game has attempted to recreate the world of big business.



The object of the game is to create a successful business by developing products. As they are sold, the player earns money at a rate varying how many produced and at what price they're being sold. This enables them to hire employees and decorate the office building. The products manufactured include game software, business software, military gear, medicine, clothing, toys, books, sports equipment, etc.

These workers are then assigned to projects according to their abilities, and must then develop and market a product. In addition, the owner of the business has the option to purchase a gift and offer it to one of the employees which would improve one of their abilities.

Money can be saved in two methods: making deposits in the bank or purchasing stocks.


Unlike some business simulation games, the assigned missions don't go in a sequence. If a player succeeds in each of them, that particular mission becomes an endless world where he/she can continue playing.

Mission Task
1 Generate $300,000 in 5 years
2 Generate $1,000,000 in 3 years and 8 months
3 Make the company's fortune reach the no. 3 in ratings within 7 years.
4 Make the company's stock worth reach the no. 3 spot within a decade.
5 Pay back a loan of half-a-million dollars in 8 years.

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