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Big Kahuna Reef is a puzzle game that was created by Reflexive Entertainment. Released in 2004 on the PC, it became the first of a series of Big Kahuna titles. The look of the game is that of ocean scenes, exotic fish and tiki heads. It is a match-making casual game that involves breaking boxes in order to progress past each level. To beat a level a player must break all the boxes by making chains of objects (such as starfish or shells). Between levels, points are earned that unlock new fish and other undersea creatures. During the interludes between levels, one can create and observe their personal reef and its creatures. Reflexive also created a sequel called Big Kahuna Reef 2 in addition to a title called Big Kahuna Words in which the game play mechanic is similar to the other two titles, but instead of busting boxes with chains of similar objects, one must make words (akin to the game Boggle).

One unique thing about the Big Kahuna Reef series is that there are thousands of additional free user-made levels created by people from around the world (similar to the Ricochet Infinity series).[1]

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