Big Nose the Caveman is a game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


You control the "Big Nose" character, who is running through many islands to find his dinner, for he is very hungry. Along the way, Big Nose collects bones, that he can use to buy items from the various shops that include spells, upgrades to his abilities and items.

Along the way he encounters such bosses as:

  • Orville: A teradactyl that flies (Medium Boss)
  • Squirmer: A snake-like creature composed of fireballs (Medium Boss)
  • Sabre: A sabretooth tiger who jumps from ONE side to the other (Easy Boss)
  • Spike: A triceratops and the first boss you face (Easy Boss)
  • Sidney: A dinosaur that spits out fireballs (Hard Boss)
  • Stinger: Scorpion that shoots small fireballs from its tail (Easy Boss)
  • Ripper: A T-rex *abilities unknown*
  • noname: A giant fish (Medium Boss)
  • noname: A dragon like creature that lives in the water (Easy-Medium Boss)