Have you ever wondered what the worst game ever created is? Some would say E.T., but the PC budget game Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is a serious contender for that title. The developers at Stellar Stone and publisher GameMill have made a game that critics have panned across the board. It is quite possibly the worst game ever made. The entire game plays like an alpha as opposed to a finished game. It appears that it might not have even been tested by game testers or any sentient beings.

Serious FlawsEdit

  • The game box makes false promises and touts non existant features. For example, it claims you will engage in high speed police car chases while you try and deliver your cargo. There are no police cars, and there is no cargo.
  • Everything clips. Your big rig can drive through entire buildings, and falls through bridges.
  • There are no physics. Not even car physics. Big rigs move exactly alike, smoothly, and stop on a dime like they didn't know how to program any other movement. You can drive up mountains.
  • In this racing game, you only race one other truck - and the truck never moves. That leaves you with 0 challenge at all.
  • There are no boundaries. At all. You can drive all the way off the level into nothingness.
  • The races are sometimes won instantly due to a glitch.
  • When you win, it displays the message, "You're Winner !" [sic]

With all of that, you are left with a boxy looking truck where the goal is to hold the forward key until you reach the end. No need to worry about terrain, the road, physics, boundaries, or even the other truck.

Gaming Media ReactionEdit

Probably the best known review of Big Rigs came from GameSpot. It received GameSpot's lowest score ever, and as of August 2005, is GameSpot's lowest rated game ever at 1.0 out of 10.0. The video reviews that GameSpot sometimes does, usually involves the reviewer summarizing the written review with visual aides. For Big Rigs, it instead featured Alex Navarro trying to convey what it feels like having to review such a bad game. In it, he is shown playing the game, running into all of its flaws, banging his head on the keys a few times, and then, defeated, goes outside to lie down in the street, visibly disappointed.

The game should also be noted for being the only game at GameFAQs to have a unanimous 1/10 score from everyone. It was not until months later that it recieved a sole 2/10 score, breaking the record, but still being the lowest scoring game ever.

At GameRankings, it has a total score of 4%. At Metacritic, it has a total score of 8/100.