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Bigpoint Games is a German video game developer that also runs a gaming portal website with a number of browser-based massively multiplayer online role playing games it has produced[1] and has over 200 million registered users (announced in June 2011).[2]

Heiko Hubertz founded the company in 2002 and remains CEO.

In June 2008, General Electric and NBC Universal, along with European private-equity group GMT Communications Partners, bought out a 70 percent share of Bigpoint.[3] NBCU has featured some of Bigpoint's games on the websites of some of its cable channels.[4]

On April 26, 2011, TA Associates and Summit Partners invested $350 million into Bigpoint to become the majority shareholders. Previous shareholders Comcast Interactive Capital’s Peacock Equity Fund sold their holdings in this transaction. GMT Communications Partners and GE sold a majority of their stakes. Hubertz retained his existing ownership stake in the company.[5]

List of games developed by Bigpoint

  • War Of Titans
  • ActionLeague
  • BeBees
  • Damoria
  • Darkorbit
  • Deepolis
  • Terminator Salvation
  • Land of Destiny
  • MG Hockey
  • Rise of Gods
  • K.O. Champs
  • Case White
  • SpaceConquer

  • Gladius II
  • Hockey Manager
  • Gangs of Crime (formerly known as Mafia 1930)
  • Parsec
  • Seafight
  • Skaph (by Wadim Kapinos, a promotion from 2009 August)
  • ActionLeague
  • Rangersland International
  • Pirates 1709 International
  • Wanted
  • 11 Manager
  • Arenas of Glory
  • Castle Fight International
  • Hellblades

List of games published by Bigpoint


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