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Biko 2: Reversible Face is a hentai game (a sequel to Biko) developed by Illusion and released in 2001. It is a Japanese 3D stalking simulation. The player controls a Japanese man who stalks pretty girls. The game starts in "adventure mode" where the main character is looking for objects that he may need later. When he sees a girl that he likes, he attempts to follow her through the city, trying not to alert her about his presence and not to lose her at the same time. After the player successfully pursues the girl through several levels, he finally runs her down and is presented with a number of CG images, animation or an interactive 3D rape scene. But the ending depends on the choices that the player made in the beginning - there are romantic endings, sadistic endings, or the girl might just run away. There are 5 girls, each with unique images, city stalking levels and final scenes. Throughout the game, you encounter different obstacles that may alert the target of your presence.


Inagaki Tetsuya Main character



Iijima Rika



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