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This is a walkthrough page for the game Biko 3



  • Left Click (hold to sustain) = Run
  • Left Double-click (hold second click to sustain) = Walk
  • Right Click (hold to sustain) = Move backwards
  • Right Double-click = Duck/Stand
  • Z = Action
  • C = take pic
  • F1 = Options Menu
  • F5 = First Person View


Mission: The object is to collect items while staking the girls. Four types of items can be found:

  1. Good Item, required to get the good ending
  2. Evil Item, required to get the evil ending
  3. Special Scene Item, gives you extra options during the evil ending
  4. Dressup Items, only changes the appearance of the girl during the ending.

Most items are no brainers (you cannot miss them), others might be at places you don't look at, something you will regret later. With this walkthrough you will never miss them (foremost since you know which scene they are supposed to be in).

General hints:

  • Whenever a girl stops and seems to stay forever, you must scare her (move close to get a ? mark, then move away).
  • To get a blowjob during a good ending, you must arouse her as much as you can without using your dick. Once you have warmed her up, the scene will change.
  • Walk past police officers.
  • Walking through piles of tin cans prevents them from making noise.

Kuwahara Rin (Librarian)

  • Good Route Item: Memo
  • Evil Route Item: Mask
  • Special Scene Item: Diuretic (look in a dictionary)
  • Dress-Up Items: Glasses, Collar
  • Extra Scene: Attack her at the end of scene 5 near the drinking fountain
  • Evil Ending: Attack her half way through scene 5 by the pond, during scene 6 by the fountain or at the end of scene 7 in front of the house.
  • Good Ending: Go to her in scene 9

Items per scene

  • Scene 2: Glasses - Run to the left (not following her) and through the narrow alley, past the car and towards the right. When you see a white truck the glasses are down another alley near the front of the truck.
  • Scene 3: Memo - In front of a postbox (cannot be missed).
  • Scene 5: Mask - In the middle of the path, by the bench (cannot be missed as long as you stay off the grass).
  • Scene 6: Collar - You must circulate the fountain to find it (Note: You will have to circle the fountain to get the her to continue moving).
  • Scene 7: Diuretic - In the garden.

Ayase Reiko (Pharmacist)

  • Good Route Item: Book
  • Evil Route Item: Narcotics
  • Special Scene Item: Syringe
  • Dress-Up Items: Glasses (she wears them), Cat Ears
  • Extra Scene: Attack her in the toilet during scene 6.
  • Evil Ending: Attack her after the Extra Scene during scene 6, near the Policeman in scene 7 or in the hallway during scene 8 (2 chances) before she enters the hotel room.
  • Good Ending: Go to her in the hotel room, scene 9.

Items per scene:

  • Scene 1: Glasses - You start the level with them.
  • Scene 2: Syringe - Head Right from the start and look behind the car.
  • Scene 3: Cat Ears - In a parking lot.
  • Scene 6: Narcotics - You cannot miss it.
  • Scene 7: Book - In front of the policeman.

Chris Ray (Assassin)

  • Good Route Item: Pendant
  • Evil Route Item: Spider
  • Special Scene Item: Disk
  • Dress-Up Items: Glasses, Bunny Ears & Cuffs
  • Extra Scene: Attack her in the alley during scene 6
  • Evil Ending: Attack her by the truck during scene 5, by the door in scene 5 or behind the crates during scene 8
  • Good Ending: Go to her at the end of scene 9

Items per scene:

  • Scene 1: Spider - By her feet, the first time she doubles back.
  • Scene 4: Disk - Next to the phone booth after crossing the road (easily missed if you run down the street after her).
  • Scene 5: Glasses - Past the policeman, left behind the truck.
  • Scene 6: Bunny Ears & Cuffs - Behind the crates at the beginning, run all the way round the building, through the alley and head left).
  • Scene 7: Pendant - She drops it by the trucks, run around the trucks to pick it up as she leaves (it looks like the one from the Extra Scene, so it's probably important to her).

Huzikawa Mayu (Waitress)

  • Good Route Item: Wallet
  • Evil Route Item: Taser
  • Special Scene Item: Sex Toys
  • Dress-Up Items: Glasses, Collar
  • Extra Scene: Attack her during scene 7 by the vending machine.
  • Evil Ending: Attack her during scene 6 by the hut with the lantern, during scene 7 by the 2nd vending machine or in the supermarket during scene 8 (2 chances).
  • Good Ending: Go to her in the supermarket store room, scene 9

Items per level:

  • Level 1: Wallet - Right at the beginning, near the crossing.
  • Level 3: Glasses - Run down the street to the left at the start.
  • Level 5: Taser - In the first alley she goes down.
  • Level 6: Collar - On a bridge to the right after the hut with the lantern.
  • Level 7: Sex Toys - In the supermarket parking lot, back left corner.

Kagura Mio (Shinto Priestess)

  • Good Route Item: Ring
  • Evil Route Item: Hair
  • Special Scene Item: Eggs
  • Dress-Up Items: Glasses, Dog Ears
  • Extra Scene: Attack her during scene 6 as she prays by the waterfall.
  • Evil Ending: Attack her during scene 5 at the top of the steps to the right or at the top of the steps ahead, during scene 6 at the shrine, during scene 7 at the start by the shrine or behind the old Temple, during scene 8 at the beginning of the tunnel or by the pool.
  • Good Ending: Go to her during scene 9 after you collect the ring.

Items per level:

  • Level 1: Hair - On the ground, you cant miss it.
  • Level 5: Glasses - Follow her to the shrine and get them as she leaves.
  • Level 6: Dog Ears - On a bridge down the right path.
  • Level 7: Eggs - Near a stone behind the old temple.
  • Level 9: Ring - In the middle of the path. Cant be missed.


For the benefit of those players who do not speak the language, this section details the stories that surround each character. In all cases, the male protagonist is Takumi, an ordinary Japanese guy who enjoys following and photographing pretty girls.

  • NOTE - at the moment this is all the information I can find on the story lines, if anyone else has anymore or can translate the game and provide a synopsis it would be most welcome.

Kuwahara Rin (Librarian)

Rin is a librarian and Takumi is a college student who is due to graduate very soon. In order to finish his thesis, he studies in the library quite frequently. Thus, Rin notices him. Takumi sometimes requests her help to find the books he needs. This situation lasts several weeks, and one day Takumi notices Rin leaving the library. Out of curiosity, he starts stalking her...

  • Good Ending:

Takumi finds the memo dropped by Rin whilst stalking her. The memo lists all the books that he needs to complete his thesis. Takumi asks Rin about this when he finds her in the final scene and Rin admits she has started to fall in love with him so she found the books he needed. They start dating and after the male character graduates, they celebrate by having sex.

  • Evil ending:

Takumi finds the mask whilst stalking Rin. As Rin passes the toilet block, an evil thought comes to Takumi's head - rape!! He dons the mask so Rin will not recognise him, attacks her and drags her into the toilet block. The mask works and Rin does not know who rapes her. Afterwards, she feels so ashamed about what has happened that she commits suicide. Later, Takumi happens upon the memo and a note from Rin. He realizes that Rin loved him and starts to regret what he did.

Ayase Reiko (Pharmacist)

Reiko is a pharmacist working in the same hospital as Takumi. Takumi has recently graduated and is serving a probation period in the hospital. Takumi's father is a good friend of the hospital director so there is a very good chance he could get the job. One day, the director calls Takumi into his office and tells him that Reiko has been acting suspicious recently and he suspects she may be abusing her position. However, as he does not have any evidence, he asks Takumi to watch Reiko and report anything odd to him. Given his father's relationship with the director, Takumi accepts and starts watching her. Later, he finds out that Reiko's older sister used to work in the same hospital, but she jumped from the top of a building leaving a suicide note saying that she had embezzled the hospital and killed herself when she was found out. Takumi begins to get confused and when he sees Reiko leaving the hospital in a hurry, he follows, hoping to clear up the situation.

  • Good ending:

Whilst following Reiko, Takumi picks up an instruction book for a new model of a mobile phone and follows Reiko to a hotel room. From outside the room, Takumi overhears a conversation between Reiko and the hospital director. In the hotel room, Reiko tells the director that she has gathered evidence showing that it was the director who embezzled the hospital and that Reiko's sister found out. Furthermore, it was the director who pushed Reiko's sister from the top of the building to stop her from turning him in. Reiko started to investigate her sister's death by working in the hospital and managed to record some of the director's conversations about this on her mobile phone. The director denies this and asks to see the evidence. Reiko takes out the mobile phone and plays the audio clip, showing the evidence.

The director hits Reiko and grabs the phone. At this point, Takumi enters the room and offers to take the mobile from the director and delete the recording. He has just read the instruction book and so he knows how. This makes Reiko very angry, but she gets knocked down again. The director, thinking that Takumi is working for him, hands over the phone and begins to confess more crimes he had committed, such as raping Reiko's sister. However, rather than deleting the clip, Takumi records video of the director's confession. The director knows he is trapped and tries to get the mobile back, but is knocked down by Takumi. Later that night, the police arrest the director and Reiko expresses her gratitude by having sex with Takumi. After that night, they begin to date and Takumi resigns from this hospital and takes a job with his father, convincing Reiko to do the same.

  • Bad ending:

Takumi finds some narcotics while following Reiko. Then after watching Reiko urinate, he gets aroused and follows her to a dark alley and takes his chance to attack her. He uses the narcotics to make Reiko pass out and rapes her. A few days later, Takumi was asked by the director to a small room in the hospital basement, where he finds Reiko is bound and is being tortured. The director tells Takumi that she was seeking revenge for the death of her sister but luckily the director had recovered all the evidence from Reiko. He thanks Takumi for all his hard work in uncovering Reiko's plans and informing the director that the dead girl was Reiko's sister. Reiko then becomes the director's sex slave.

Chris Ray (Assassin)

Takumi is a private detective who lives in a shabby building. He rarely gets any business, but one day, he receives a call from some foreign military secret agency. They inform him that they have dispatched a female major (Chris) to Japan in regard to some secret weapon production. She disappeared after arriving in Japan. They ask Takumi to find her for them, with her picture given. After talking to these people, Chris suddenly appears before Takumi like a ninja and asks him to refuse their request. Takumi refuses her request and is then shot by Chris, who leaves afterwards. However, Takumi is a non-dead person, due to some gene inherited from Nobunaga in the Sengoku era. He is even more interested in the case and starts to search Chris. Later, the military agency sends someone in black to help him search for Chris. In one night, they found Chris in some alley and fought. The man in black was killed by Chris, but Takumi survived. Chris is surprised about his non-dead ability, but due to the fight disturbance, she fled. Takumi therefore decides to stalk her...

  • Good ending:

Whilst stalking her, Takumi finds a necklace dropped by Chris. As a result, Chris began to lose memories about her past and could not recall who she really is. Later, she is ganged by a group of people who try to capture her. Takumi jumps out and fights alongside Chris. Together, they both manage to defeat them. By interrogating the leader, they find out more about the necklace, which was actually left by her father. Chris remembers that she used to work in the military and was very popular due to her appearance and body. Later, she was dispatched to Japan for work. A local military scientist,(the leader of these people) sought to date her but was refused. Upset he used some medicine to make her pass out, making her lose her memory and allowing him to rape her. After hearing this, Chris kills the people, getting her revenge. She is grateful Takumi and falls in love with him, which results in them having sex. In the end, she becomes his wife and the assistant of the private detective agency.

  • Bad ending:

Takumi picked up the spider, which is affected by some chemical. Later, Takumi assaults Chris in the factory, but was beaten again. However, the spider radiates some unknown stuff and reproduces several Takumis. These Takumis gang up on Chris and rape her. However, the raping helps Chris remember her disgraceful past listed above and she manages to escape and get revenge.

Huzikawa Mayu (Waitress)

Mayu is an upbeat girl working in a fast food restaurant. Takumi is a university student who does not cook and goes to that restaurant a lot. Therefore, Takumi knows Mayu due to his patronage. One night, Takumi saw Mayu returning from a take-away deliverance. He stalked her out of curiosity.

  • Good ending:

Takumi found Mayu's purse during whilst stalking her. In the end, he gave the purse back to Mayu. Mayu is grateful as the money for the take-away deliverance is also in the purse. If she lost it, it would be a big trouble for her, as her boss might suspect she embezzled the money. Not long after that, they start dating and Takumi rarely goes to the restaurant and instead, orders take-away. One night, Mayu sends the take-away to Takumi. They then fool around as Takumi said he ordered "Mayu".

  • Bad ending:

Takumi found a sex toy. He follows Mayu to the warehouse of the supermarket, where he rapes her with the sex toy. However, since he was very tired when raping Mayu, Takumi collapses after and passes out. When he recovers, he finds out he was in the hospital and Mayu left him a hamburger and a note, saying that she actually loved him but could not forgive what he had did. That hamburger is like something to be remembered for something between them since Mayu knows Takumi from the fast food restaurant.

Kagura Mio (Shinto Priestess)

Takumi and his girlfriend Mio got an accident. Mio died. Takumi was dying, and roamed about as the ghost who did not remember who himself. He saw a miko and followed her.

  • Good ending:

Takumi found a ring that he had once given to Mio. Afterwards, he meets the miko, who ironically, was also named Mio. Evidently Mio(miko) accepted the request from Mio(Takumi's girlfriend) to help make Takumi aware that he was operated on in the hospital. Mio helped so that Takumi could meet his girlfriend for the last time.

  • Bad ending:

Takumi picks up the hair he found. Later, he assaults Mio in the mountain and becomes the tentacle lust demon to rape Mio. However, the Mio Takumi raped is not the real Mio, but is a transformed version from the hair he picked up. The real Mio cut the tentacle from Takumi, exorcised the lust demon from him and destroyed it. Actually what happened is that there are several peculiar raping cases in the residential district recently. The police did not have any lead to the culprit. Mio, as a Japanese sorceress, thought a lust demon must be the culprit for all the raping cases. Therefore, she put herself as a bait to lurk the lust demon by leaving a bunch of hair on purpose on the road, which would attract the lust demon to follow her(That is also why the hair is available for multiple stalking scenes because Mio left them on purpose). Takumi was once possessed by the demon and was controlled to stalk Mio.... After getting it solved, Takumi returned to normal and left with Mio.

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