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BioShock was developed by Irrational Games and Published by 2K Games

Creative Director: Ken Levine

Executive Producer: Ken Levine

Lead Designer: Paul Hellquist

Artist: Mauricio Tejerina

Designer/Writer: Alexx Kay

Designer: Dorian Hart, Jean-Paul LeBreton

Animator : Shawn Robertson

Animation Programmer: Darren LaFreniere

Lead Programmer: Chris Kline

Project Lead: Alyssa Finley

Associate Producer: Joe Faulstick

Audio Director: Emily Ridgway

Artist: Robb Waters, Ben Shore

Senior Designer and Artist: Dean Tate

AI Programmer: John Abercrombie Jr

Game Systems Programmer: Dan Kaplan

Programmer: Ian Bond, Jake Etgeton, Joshua Downer

Original Muisc: Garry Schyman

Dialogue Editing: Rick Fox, Michael Tekulve, Michael Weber, Tim Schmidt, Cal Halter, Keith Fox, Dustin Smith, Joe Schmidt.

Art Director: Scott Sinclair

Product Development: Jonathan Chey

Acting Environment Lead, Level Builder: Hogarth De La Plante, Jay Kyburz

Performance Lead: Andrew Jones

Animation: Grant Chang, Ben Hutchings,Jonathan Mangagil

Concept Art, Level Builder: Nate Wells

Effect Artist: Stephen Alexander

Level Builder: Alex Boylan, Christian Marthinez, Jamie McNulty

Modeler: Lorne Brooks, Chris Chaproniere, Brendan George, Dan Keating, Chad King, James Sharpe, John Travers, Michael Swiderek, Mauricio Tejerina, Joseph Yang, Laura Zimmermann

UI Art: Ben Shore

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