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Birth of America is a turn-based strategy computer game by SEP BOA, a development team at AGEOD.

In Birth of America, the player controls one of the major contender of the French and Indian War or the American War of Independence, trying to achieve military and political victory.

The scope of the game covers all of North America, from Florida to Quebec and New England to Mississippi, from 1755 to 1783. The game map is divided into more than 700 provinces, with a great diversity of terrain, climates and civilization levels.

There are two nations fighting each other in all of the game's ten scenarios. Game turns correspond to one month of historical time. Scenarios vary from a few months to almost 9 years. Players control mostly the military action of their nation. This includes such activities as drafting forces, building forts and depots, sieges and blockades, raiding enemy settlements and battles, both on land and at sea. Birth of America has two wars, the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. The object of the game is to attack and capture objectives, strategic towns, and manage strategies in order to win battles thus gaining edge. Real political events, such as the battle of Bunker Hill and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, will also influence the outcome of morale throughout the game.

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