Blandia (ブランディア Burandia?) is a one-on-one, weapon-based fighting arcade game released by Allumer in 1992. It is the sequel to the 1986 arcade game, Gladiator.


The introduction is in English: A long time ago, there were battles over gold. A "Magical Swordsman" calling himself "King" demanded all the gold and destroyed opposing towns. Others engaged him in combat but he was too powerful and he became known as the "Mad Gold King". The Ancient Gods paid heed to the events and selected six "Heroic Fighters" to oppose the Mad Gold King, giving one of them the power to vanquish the king...


The fighting was unique for the time, in that it featured visible damage to each of the six Heroic Fighter's armor, originally used in its predecessor, Gladiator.

Selectable characters

File:Blandia Gameplay.png
  • Guarianos
  • Diokles
  • Irriana
  • McGill
  • Jurane
  • Retsu.Zen

Non-playable Characters

  • Launa
  • Xeldus
  • Imageo
  • Gildus

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