Blobbies Wars is a self-described "tactical party game",[1] mixing party gameplay such as Wario Ware with turn-based tactical video games, developed by Belgian developer Bull Sheep Studios for Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360 as well as Microsoft Windows.


According to the official site, "Blobbies are small beings, cute and silly living in an archipelago called Tamiko. Every ten years, the tribes fight each other to determine which tribe will have the control of the island of Talloula, the most important food resource for the Blobbies."[1]


During the tacical strategic portion of the game, players play and move a given number of Blobbies on a hexagonal arena. The player may use magic energy during their turn to grant his Blobbies special powers, such as jumping and throwing. However, opposing players gain their magic energy during the player's time by playing party game-styled minigames, forcing the player to try to complete their turn in as short a time as possible to limit their opponent's magic gathering.[1]


There are three kinds of Blobbies which kill by eating other Blobbies, and each of which have their own powers. The actual abilities of each type have not been revealed by the developers yet.[1]


Up to four players may play in online and offline multiplayer.[1]


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