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  • Raylan13

    The new game footers are brought to you by Encyclopedia Gamia and our very own Games Hub. The basic goal is simple: draw together Wikia communities in one location that enjoy the same genres and hopefully expose them to some new games and communities they might be interested in. Our secondary goal is to try and connect editors looking for help with members and administrators from other wikias who are interested in helping them out, whether it be with content, technical knowledge, or insight gleaned from running a community.

    If you haven't already been approached, feel free to include your site in the submission section below in the genre you feel is most appropriate for the game you cover. Note that, with rare exception, a game should only…

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  • TwoTailedFox

    So, a while ago I created this blog category for users to post their submissions to the Wiki. At the time, there was no clear idea on what would be classed as a submission.

    With the advent of our new Twitch and YouTube channels, we are officially allowing video submissions and streaming. There is no set rule on what can and cannot be streamed, other than it must be a video game, and it must not be sexually explicit.

    To kick this off, I will be hosting a live stream on the Encyclopedia Gamia Twitch channel, which can be found here. Videos will automatically be uploaded to our very own YouTube channel.

    Depending on how popular this becomes, this may end up being expanded and a team of streamers recruited. Regardless, please stay tuned!

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  • TwoTailedFox


    Not a heck of a lot has changed since the last update, but there have been several improvements and refinement of the main game infobox, GameInfobox.

    In the last year, it's become clear what sections were and were not working as well as intended, and several sections have either been removed, or replaced with something better.

    First off, one of the most important refinements, is how we treat the term platform. In reality, there are two platforms; hardware and software. Hardware would be the physical console that a game has been released on. However, there are two important exceptions to this; because of the vast differences in both the PC, Tablet and Smartphone markets with regards to operating systems, we count operating systems in the sa…

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  • Moon riderz


    April 9, 2015 by Moon riderz
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  • Raylan13
    Attend the in-game celebration!

    Started in April of 2005 by Merovingian, the RuneScape Wiki's goal is to remain a vast, knowledgeable source for all things in RuneScape. It contains a guide to every quest and treasure trail, and over 28,000 articles about items, locations, monsters and more. This week, the site celebrates its 10-year anniversary!

    When the site first opened, it looked something like this, which most current users probably wouldn't even recognize:

    Within its first month, it had a grand total of two registered editors attempting to swim through the RuneScape information ocean. Their total of 31 content pages was paired with a single image. With such humble beginnings, it soon began to grow - today, the number of registered users in a…

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  • Pseudobread

    It's Not in the Writer's Manual: A Q&A Session for New Writers

    Speakers: Toiya Kristen Finley (Schnoodle Media, LLC), Matthew Weise (Fiction Control), Jennifer Young(Pixelberry Studios), Cameron Harris (Bioware Montreal), Richard Rouse III (Paranoid Productions), Chris Avellone (Obsidian Entertainment)

    We attended a Q&A at GDC 2015 with some of the games industry's most prominent and experienced writers. They shared some great tips for aspiring games writers and how to accomplish one of the hardest parts of writing, finding gigs and getting paid. They also raised some great questions to ask yourself when writing.

    • Prove that you can write in a voice that’s not your own or was created by you. Good Fanfiction is actually helpful for this as it c…

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  • Matt Hadick

    Game academic Robert Yang discussed the history and future of level design as a discipline at GDC 2015 as a part of the Level Design in a Day summit. He analyzed level design in a critical sense, connecting it to a bigger context, and answering the question of what level design might look like in the future.

    He believes you can look at level design from four different perspectives:

    • As a material -- as data.
    • As industrial process.
    • As architectural space.
    • As community politics.

    He provided an overview of the history of level design editors, explaining that they have become much more useful given the creator's focus on establishing more efficient workflows for designers. In doing so, however, we have also establishing a culture of hyper-specializat…

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  • Matt Hadick

    Greetings from GDC 2015!

    In the session Beyond Binary Choices: How Players Engage with Morality, Amanda Lange — a tech evangelist for Microsoft, detailed the results of a study she recently conducted about the narrative choices players make in video games. The questions were based on either the game or the player’s definition of good and evil. Surprisingly, only five percent of her subjects played as evil during heir first playthrough. This suggests to Lange that games don’t necessarily allow us to experiment with our sense of morality, as most of the decisions made by players in games tend to align with the decisions they would make in reality.

    She found that players had and easier time making decisions when they could align with a given fa…

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  • Robin Patterson

    Suppose a keen newbie wants to do something good here and hasn't found the help pages but wants to. Idea: type "help" in the search box! Darn it - nothing! Oh, well, find another website that's more friendly.

    But there used to be a more friendly result. Help was a page on this wiki, which redirected to Help:Contents, with all the answers any newbie could want. The redirect had been created by a responsible contributor who had been here for several years and had made hundreds of edits.

    What happened? A relative newbie deleted the redirect. No reason given. Is that user-unfriendly or just plain stupid?

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  • ErinShan

    FIFA 15 is about to live

    September 9, 2014 by ErinShan

    The fifa 15 is about to released on 22 Sep in Mexico, 23 Sep in Korea and North America, 25 Sep in most regions of European. And the price in Mexico is the lowest. To order fifa 15 with a Mexico IP by using free VPN.

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