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Bomberman 64: The Second Attack is the sequel to Bomberman 64. It's a brand new single player story with new elements in multiplayer mode. However, the multiplayer is still not the basic grid system fun from every Bomberman game before. It's still more of a platformer that requires you to kick bombs at people instead of cornering them.

For some reason, there are some downgrades. You can't move the camera at all anymore. The graphics are somehow poorer and blurry. The levels are also formulaic and easy, as you make your way from room to room, beating up the baddies, solving easy puzzles, defeating an elemental boss, and then killing some sort of Gravity Control Machine at the end. There are 7 levels, which take around 20 minutes to complete.

But it's not all a step down. There's something can be called co-op where player one controls Bomberman and player two controls his Pokémon rip-off, a Pommy. There are new multiplayer modes, including one called "Knights and Kings". In this, you control your Bomberman (acting as Knights) protect a designated King from the opposing team, while trying to kill their King. Regicide is fun! You can pick up even pick up Kings if you think that'll help.

But there's still slowdown, which confused many, since it's not exactly a graphics heavy game. One more Bomberman game hit the N64, and they called it Bomberman Hero.

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