4 years since the Rikti War, and it's still burning.

Official NameBaumton
Level Range12-19
Zone TypeHazard
Arena Access?No
Task Force
Strike Force
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster SpawnsBabbage
Hero Groups
Villain Groups* Outcasts
* Clockwork
* Vazhilok
* Council
* Trolls
* The Lost
Districts* The Fuse
* Powderkeg
* The Cannonade
* Primer
* Grenadier Village
Exploration Badges* Phalanxer: -2002, -16, 5181
* Regal: -448, 42, 2172
* Vision of Despair: -754, 0, -594
* Destined for Valhalla: -4098, 352, 2474
History Plaques* Disciple Plaque 3: -1908, 130, 758, Pedestal
* Disciple Plaque 4: -2648, 5, 3055, Pedestal
* Disciple Plaque 5: -686, 272, 3123, Pedestal
* Just Said No to Superadine Plaque 4: 1140, 5, -135, Pedestal
* Scholar Plaque 4: 1668, 0, 4730, Wall Mounted
Connected Zones* Steel Canyon
* Sewer Network


Baumton was once a fairly typical neighborhood on the north side of Paragon City, until the day the Rikti War started. The area was completely devastated, including the former headquarters of the Freedom Phalanx. After the fighting the zone was taken over by gangs, and the Clockwork who took full advantage of the plentiful scrap metal left behind. Reconstruction efforts have recently begun, but are being sabotaged by Arachnos.

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