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Boro is a young volus colony world, settled in defiance of a threat by Terminus pirate groups. The pirates, who can't use the world themselves, have "suggested" that the volus "hire" them to protect the colony. The volus responded by requesting military protection from their turian allies.

Although uncomfortably hot by volus standards, Boro has the rare combination of high pressure and ammonia ecology volus require. Development of the colony is proceeding rapidly.

Facts about "Boro"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure1.6 Earth Atmospheres +
CapitalYila +
Colony Founded2180 +
Day Length31.0 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameBoro +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameBoro +
NamePageBoro +
NamesBoro +
Orbital Distance2.1 AU +
Orbital Period3.4 Earth Years +
PageNameBoro +
PageTypeElement +
Population1,617 +
Radius10,573 km +
Surface Gravity1.66 G +
Surface Temperature216.15 K (-57 °C, -70.6 °F, 389.07 °R) +

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