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Brian Jack's Uchi Mata is a Judo fighting game for the Commodore 64 computer. It is notable for its control scheme that allowed users to perform various fighting techniques. A similar control scheme would be used a year later in Capcom's arcade game Street Fighter. Another feature that would later appear in Street Fighter was the inclusion of hidden moves: moves that were not included in the instruction manual that players would have to find on their own.[1]


  • Put hips agains opponent's: Hold, → ← then: when facing left: → ↓ ←; when facing right: → ↑ ←. While in this position keep holding the fire button and you can do these moves:
    • 内股 (Uchi Mata) (inner thigh): →
    • 体落 (Tai Otoshi) (body drop): ↓ →
  • 出足払 (De Ashi Barai) (start tripping up): hold, ↓ → ↑
  • 巴投 (Tomoe Nage) (comma-design throw): Hold, ← D

This throw is also used by Ryu and Ken in the Street Fighter games.

  • 大外刈 (O Soto Gari) (great outer reap): Hold, ↓ →
  • 反則負け (Hansoku Make) (foul defeat): Hold, ← →

This move is illegal. Performing it will result in the player losing the match.


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