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Template:Unreferenced stub Bright Star Technology, Inc. was founded by Elon Gasper and Nedra Goedert during the early 1980s and was a key player in multimedia technology. Well-known titles from Bright Star include HyperAnimation, Alphabet Blocks, and the Talking Tutors series. Bright Star was acquired by Sierra Online in 1992, and was a cornerstone of Sierra's educational games department.

Since the acquisition, several computer-related companies have been founded with this name, or a similar one.

Bright Star's games

  • Alphabet Blocks
  • Spelling Jungle (also sold as Basic Spelling and Yobi's Basic Spelling Tricks; code-named Spelling Demons)
  • Spelling Blizzard (also sold as Advanced Spelling)
  • Kid's Typing
  • Early Math
  • Beginning Reading
  • The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain
  • Discover ABC and 123 with Hickory & Me (also sold as separate ABC and 123 products; produced in cooperation with Golden Books Family Entertainment)
  • Discover Math and Spelling with Monker (also sold as separate Math and Spelling products; produced in cooperation with Golden Books Family Entertainment)

Bright Star's language education products

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