Bubble Symphony is an arcade game by Taito that was later ported to the Sega Saturn.


Four kids get transformed into dinosaurs. They have to find keys to escape and transform back to kids.


The player can choose from the four dinosaurs. The dinosaurs differ from each other in some way in example faster movement and faster bubble making. The dinosaurs can make bubbles which can trap enemies inside. After trapped bubbles can be popped. All enemies must be trapped in bubbles and popped to progress in the game. Bubbles can also be used as a platform. There are air currents which affect the bubbles. If time limit expires whale-like character appears and chases player speeding up every now and then until the level is beaten. There are also many power ups.

The Saturn version has English option hidden in it but it does not change menu to English. It also has infinite continues as an option. The game features multiple endings and cameos.

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