Busby 3D was the last Bubsy game to be made, in 1996. This game was poorly received by both video game critics and gamers.


The Woolies have invaded earth and kidnapped Bubsy Bobcat and taken him to the planet Rayon. He escaped from the rocket, and the Woolies are now angry with Bubsy Bobcat for escaping and causing trouble on their planet; he is now wanted as a criminal. The Two-headed Woolie calls a meeting on how to capture Bubsy Bobcat.

Meanwhile Bubsy Bobcat decides to escape by finding all 32 pieces of the rocket.


Lani Minella - As Bubsy Bobcat, Two Headed Woolie, Flying Woolie, Zzzot, and Professor Woolie.

Produced by Michael Berlyn, Marc Blank, and Steven Ackrich

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