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Build In Time, created by Reflexive Entertainment, is a home building themed game of the click management genre. It has an ordering based game play mechanic (customers order items and then the player creates the items in order to satisfy the customer), while incorporating a construction based theme. Customers come on to screen and order homes, which can include specific garages, paint jobs and landscaping, depending on which buildable items you have (which can be bought and upgraded between levels). The goal of each level is to move happy customers on to the lots that they order. Extra revenue is also accrued if the customers are happy (have enough hearts, as in Cake Mania). Build in Time, as the name implies, also has a time based element. Players begin the game in the 1950s and play through American decades to the present. Each level signifies a year of time, and as the player passes through the game, American decade related art and styles are relevant to the decade (e.g. in the 1980s, the game music has synthesizer elements, and the customers wear 80's clothing).

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