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Bump 'n' Jump is an arcade game released in 1982. The game was later ported to home computers, the Atari 2600, Intellivision, ColecoVision, and Nintendo Entertainment System.


The player guides a buggy across various seasons of race courses, using it to bump other cars into the sides of the road to smash them and to jump onto those you can't bump. Be careful of areas of the course where the road splits or is cut off by rivers; jump over and across to safety as quickly as possible, watching your speed meter to make sure you can jump. In the NES version, watch for oil cans that will also enable you to jump to make sure you still can jump.


The Atari 2600 version was not sold under the M Network banner, but rather from Mattel Electronics, as that particular division was being sold off to a company that formed INTV Corporation. It was re-released in the late 1980s by TeleGames.

The ColecoVision version was originally developed by Mattel Electronics. It was modified by Coleco for optional use with Expansion Module #2.

Facts about "Bump 'n' Jump"RDF feed
Arcade Release1982 +
Atari 2600 Release1983 +
ColecoVision Release1983 +
ContentTypeVideo Game +
DeveloperData East +
DisplayNameBump 'n' Jump +
Famicom Release8 October 1986 +
FeaturesSingle-player +
GameCatVideo Game +
GenreAction +
InputAtari 2600 Driving Controller + and NES Controller +
Intellivision Release1983 +
Japanese Famicom Release8 October 1986 +
Japanese Release8 October 1986 +
NameBump 'n' Jump +
NamePageBump 'n' Jump +
NamesBump 'n' Jump +
North American Arcade Release1982 +
North American Atari 2600 Release1983 +
North American ColecoVision Release1983 +
North American Intellivision Release1983 +
North American Release1982 + and 1983 +
PageNameBump 'n' Jump +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlatformArcade +, Atari 2600 +, Famicom +, Intellivision +, ColecoVision +, Commodore 64 + and Nintendo Entertainment System +
PlatformTypeArcade +, PC + and Console +
PublisherVic Tokai +, Mattel + and Intellivision +
RegionNorth America + and Japan +
StatusReleased +
Year1982 +, 1983 +, 1988 + and 1986 +

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