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Element - shows character's element affinity. Character that are associated with Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Dark, Light elements often have resistance to specified element, gain bonus to damage and learn magic skills of the same element faster, but they have weakness to opposing elements. Characters that are not associated with any element don't have any natural strengths or weaknesses.

CP - amount of Control Points required to add character into squad

Control - how much control over character's action player has in the battle

Special - skills that provide passive effects as long as character is in the current squad. Some specials (that affect party outside of battle) also work when character is in support zone.

Max skills - maximum amount of skills that can be learned by a character. Before gaining new skills player will need to choose one of the other skills to replace it.

★Skills - inherent skill, that can't be removed

Demon army

Name Element CP Control Special Max skills ★Skill 1 ★Skill 2 ★Skill 3
ダークス None - Full 魔王 6 - - -
コゼロット* Dark - Full 魔王の血縁 6 - - -
メリル* Dark 5 Full 敵防御弱体化 5 - - -
ゴラン Dark 6 Full 先制全体攻撃 5 - - -
エカテー Dark 5 Full 敵攻撃弱体化 6 - - -
トージョ Dark 6 Full 生命力 7 蹴り 三連脚 五連脚
マキ Dark 5 Some 遠視 6 切り裂き 魔力の玉
リズ None 6 Some 攻撃強化/縦 5 切り裂き

Notes: *Kozerotto, Meril, Shia join only temporarily

Heaven army

Name Element CP Control Special Max skills ★Skill 1 ★Skill 2
フィリアネ Fire 4(2)** Full 凶暴者 4(6)** - -
マリーアリス Light 4 Full いなし 6 - -
ダー Light 6 Full 回避強化/横 6 乱舞 連舞
エコ Wind 6 Full 先制攻撃無効化 6 魔力の玉 混乱の歌
ドゥーア Dark 6 Some 先制攻撃 5 斬りつけ -
モモ None 5 Full 警戒心 5 魔力の玉 -

Notes: **Firiane's CP cost lowers by 2 after she joins you second time and max amount of skills increases by 2

Human adventurers

Name Element CP Control Special Max skills ★Skill 1 ★Skill 2 ★Skill 3
シア* None 5 Full 敵回避弱体化 5 - - -
ジョン Light 5 Full 防御強化/前 5 - - -
タツマキ None 5 Full 攻撃強化/前 5 タツマキ斬り 真タツマキ斬り 夢タツマキ斬り
ロジャーマルコ Dark 6 Full 罠発見 6 - - -
ドロシー Wind 6 Full 魔法無効化 6 魔力の玉 神雷 -

Notes: *Kozerotto, Meril, Shia join only temporarily

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