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Bunny Black 2

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Gyungyuska company

After attacking the angel's island Gyungyuska company (the company that Rakia belongs to) will start giving aid. It will do two thing - give access to new options accessible through camp menu (Special Gyungyuska) and will add exit portals after you discover special place where they can put it.

Exit portals


  • Entrance floor
  • Underground 9th floor
  • Underground 5th floor


  • Entrance floor


  • 1st floor

Special Gyungyuska

After entering dungeon party gains amount of Special Gyungyuska Point (SGP) equals to Dark's control power (current amount is displayed in lower left corner of the screen).

Ability Cost (SGP) Effect
Total recovery Total squad CP cost Recovers all HP and Energy
Recall Total squad CP cost Teleports to Dungeon exit portal
Recovery Half of total squad CP cost Recovers all HP
Enemy avoidance 3 No enemy random encounters for 50 steps
Trap avoidance 3 Traps won't work for 50 steps (does not work on Trapdoor)
Atk UP 2 Increases Atk by 10 for 1 battle
Def UP 2 Increases Def by 10 for 1 battle
Eva UP 2 Increases Eva by 10 for 1 battle
Spd UP 2 Increases Spd by 10 for 1 battle
Resurrect Resurrected unit CP cost Returns dead unit back to squad

Enemy and Trap avoidance can be cast several times, each cast will increase their duration by 50 steps.

Atk, Def, Eva, Spd UP can be cast several times, each cast will increase their duration by 1 battle, but won't change amount that stats are raised.

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