Template:Unreferenced stub Burning Monkey is a series of computer games developed by Freeverse Software. The games all feature a colorful cast of cartoon monkeys, many of whom can be set on fire, usually when the user hits ⌘W.

The line of software bearing the Burning Monkey name was first released in 1996 as a shareware solitaire program for the Macintosh. The origins of the program predate the name, however. The first version was written in 1994 by Bryan Horling and Kenneth Coste as part of a homework assignment for a computer science course at Trinity College. The game, released as freeware under the name Trinity Solitaire, was found by Ian Lynch Smith of Freeverse Software, who supported the re-implementation that was ultimately released as Burning Monkey Solitaire.

Games in the Burning Monkey series


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