Bus Driver is a game created by SCS Software using OpenGL. The game was completed in March 2007 and with a full feature 1 hour demo.


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Players choose a route to drive from one of the six tiers available and can see a preview of the route and other important information whilst choosing the desired route. Then the bus must be driven along the correct route whilst obeying all traffic rules and stopping at all bus stops. When the game begins, one tier of routes, which includes six buses, is available. In total, there are six tiers, thirty-six routes and thirteen buses. In order to unlock the next tier, the player must drive at least four of the buses successfully. As the game progresses, routes become harder. The player will lose points if they disobey traffic laws or upset passengers (by braking too hard or causing accidents). Conversely, the player will gain points for obeying traffic laws and being punctual.[1]
Despite being an American game, many of the bus stop names are named after insignificant places in Greater London, England, such as Debden, Collier Row, Feltham, Potters Bar and the terminus Westminster


Bus Driver was not designed as a bus simulator, however it is considered one. Reviewers have suggested that an inside view would improve the gameplay, however, the developers have stated that this is because the game was not designed to be an exact simulator.


The game is considered to contain a high level of realism including moving traffic, street names, traffic signs, active traffic lights and varying weather conditions. However, realism is nevertheless lacking in some aspects of the game such as Playing of other traffic Buses & Cars


The official bus driver game website [2] offers an hour-long demo of the game. As well as this, two bus driver themed wallpapers are available to download via the official website. There is also a fan made version by TEMSA[3] which included some of their buses and one of them (TEMSA Avenue) was added to Bus Driver Gold.


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