Bust-A-Move Bash! (formerly known as Bust-A-Move Revolution) is a video game released by Majesco for Nintendo's Wii console. Nothing specific about the game was revealed before it hit store shelves; however, the vice president of Majesco marketing, Ken Gold, had stated that Majesco did "intend to maximize the intuitive nature of the Wii controller to create a revolutionary offering of the highly popular Bust-A-Move franchise".[1] The game has received mediocre to poor reviews on the Wii.[2][3]


The controls use the Wii Remote for players 1-4 and attachments (e.g. the Nunchuk and Classic Controller) for players 5-8. There are 3 modes for the Wii Remotes; baton (hold upright and tilt left to right), gun (where the player points at the direction they want the ball to go), and easy gun (which is the same as gun except that it also shows where the player is aiming). For the Classic Controller, players use the two analog sticks to move the pointer on the screen. On all of them, the player presses the d-pad to swap balls (down on the analog stick for the Nunchuk).



In puzzle mode, the player clears the screen of all the colored balls. When three balls clump togther, they will disappear. This version includes other types of balls, such as support, star, flame, and rainbow balls, which perform different functions. Every 10 levels, the player can participate in a shooting round, where he or she may obtain one of the above-named other balls.


In shooting mode, the balls fly in from all sides of the screen. The balls are of four colors and must be shot with the cursor color matching their own.


Endless mode is similar to puzzle mode, though without an end. The player's goal is to stay alive for as long as possible and obtain as many jewels as possible before dying.


Versus is the multiplayer mode. Eight players may connect. Players race to get as many jewels as possible before their time is up.


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