C-Dogs, the sequel to Cyberdogs, is a DOS arcade shoot-em-up which allows players to work co-operatively during missions, and against each other in "dogfight" death-match mode.

As of June 2007, the original developer no longer maintains a website for C-Dogs, but the project continues to live on via the "C-Dogs SDL" port by Jeremy Chin and Lucas Martin-King.


C-Dogs improved on the original "Cyberdogs". The single-player/cooperative gameplay is separated into different campaigns, each comprising of many missions. Usually, each level involves the player(s) killing enemies (while avoiding harming civilians and team mates) using a variety of pre-selected weapons; collecting keys to unlock special rooms; and picking up required items to fulfill the mission objectives.

The "dog fight" gameplay is the typical deathmatch: players attempt to kill each other for points, in order to gain victory. Only two players can verse each other, by sitting at the same computer and using the keyboard, joysticks or gamepads.


After the source release by Ronny Wester in 2002, Jeremy Chin and Lucas Martin-King ported the game to SDL, using (Gentoo) Linux as their development environment, and released their work under the GNU GPL as "C-Dogs SDL".

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